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Michael Keaton and co. sit around a desk in Spotlight.

‘Spotlight’ sheds light on a dark corner in a modest manner

This year’s “surprise” best picture winner is a lovingly modest feature that tells the story of one of the most important journalistic exposes in history. The story, by now a secret to no one, is of the Spotlight team of journalists at the Boston Globe that in early 2002 brought to light the full scope of the Catholic priest sex scandal. Written and directed by actor-turned-filmmaker Thomas McCarthy, Spotlight is both aided and tarnished by its primary quality: modesty. Where it would be tempting to really celebrate these investigative journalists as heroes, the film wisely takes a less celebratory approach that while setting a perfect, realistic tone, also made it feel lacking to this viewer in at least my initial viewing. Continue reading ‘Spotlight’ sheds light on a dark corner in a modest manner

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