About Me

140705-215054Davin Lacksonen

I remember growing up and not having a VCR. Occasionally my parents would rent one and a couple of movies. But given the added expense of renting the hardware, I’m confident we did this less than the average family from the same generation. I think this contributed to my early fascination with cinema. It was an enigma that I didn’t have great access to until I was just old enough to be especially intrigued by what is seemingly forbidden.

More than a decade later, I’ve now fully immersed myself in cinema and am proudly in possession of my very own blu-ray player. I’ve also acquired a film studies degree from Willamette University and worked as a film journalist both online and in print. Yet I find myself more and more wishing I had a place to rant that is entirely my own, where I can say whatever I want to say and no one can tell me that it isn’t socially acceptable.

While I will likely post the occasional review, and every now and then tidbits of news as well, this form of journalism will not be the predominant content of this blog. What I aim to do here is what I’ve always wanted to write but no venue has ever been able to offer: to write in-depth analysis of contemporary works. While I do not wish to belittle the very true sentiment that only time will tell what the true classics of our time are, I firmly believe that this does not mean we need to wait a decade to have an intelligent discussion about a film. For whatever reason, it often feels it takes at least that long for academia to pick up on something fresh.

In short, if film were somehow a forbidden fruit in my youth, now the chance to get out my thoughts on current artists with a more analytic and less critical approach feels similarly satisfying, even if I am to be my only audience.